Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Navigating Risks and Opportunities

Wholesale distributors and manufacturers face new challenges every day. From aggressive state and local tax regulations to increasing control by suppliers over inventory flow, it is necessary to trim costs and manage headcounts to maintain profitability.

At the same time, opportunities are emerging as the economy continues to rebound. In distribution segments, strategic buyers and private equity groups have the capital and motivation to execute transactions and provide owners with the exit strategies or capital infusions they need. Federal and state governments also continue to extend a number of tax incentives to stimulate this vital sector of the economy.

Manufacturing Accounting Services

You need expert guidance to take advantage of these opportunities and avoid unnecessary risk. That’s why Bennett Thrasher accountants begin every client relationship by evaluating all aspects of your manufacturing and supply chain business. From inventory tracking and cost accounting software to your global expansion plans, our team works with you to develop an up-front plan to help you strategize for growth opportunities and mitigate risks facing the market.

Only after investing the time to understand your business, can we help you maximize profitability and cash flows through:

  • Minimizing exposure to domestic and international income tax
  • Reducing effective federal and state and local tax (SALT) rates
  • Taking advantage of federal and state tax credits such as the R&D tax credit and the Domestic Activities Production Deduction & Investment tax credit
  • Minimizing income tax through creation of interest charge-domestic international sales corporation (IC-DISC)
  • Structuring merger and acquisition transactions to be tax-efficient
  • Accelerating depreciation deductions through cost segregation studies
  • Consulting on new regulations regarding capitalization vs. expense of repairs & maintenance
  • Preparing transfer pricing studies to establish prices for transactions with related entities and comply with U.S. and foreign jurisdiction requirements

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