Tax Consulting

Achieving Tax-Efficient Growth Through Insight and Involvement

Growth is the name of the game for middle-market companies. But growth also makes every aspect of running a business more complicated.

Perhaps you’re expanding into new jurisdictions – whether in a neighboring state or halfway around the world. Minimizing your worldwide tax burden requires a comprehensive view of your business’ activities – from Atlanta to Ankara – and an understanding of the most efficient tax structures and transfer pricing arrangements, as well as identification of all applicable tax credits and incentives.

Tax efficiency becomes even more critical as your business plans for a liquidity event. Whether you’re looking ahead to an exit many years down the road, or you’ve already been approached by a potential investor or private equity group, entity structure can make or break the deal.

The complexity of these tax issues calls for a deep level of insight into the objectives and vision of the corporation, as well as the individual owners. As a Bennett Thrasher client, your team of seasoned tax professionals will be closely involved with your management team throughout the life cycle of your business. The insight we obtain through this deep level of involvement allows us to minimize your near-term tax liabilities while making sure that those changes fit into your long-term strategy.

Whether we act as your company’s outsourced tax department, or we supplement existing resources to address specific tax planning opportunities, we work closely with you to reduce your worldwide tax burden by:

  • Structuring tax-efficient ownership of corporations, subsidiaries and partnerships, whether in the U.S. or in foreign jurisdictions
  • Advising on the tax implications of merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions and designing structures to achieve optimal net after-tax cash flows, including tax planning on exit strategies.
  • Increasing return-on-investment of international expansion through the optimal use of entity selection, intercompany pricing and foreign incentives to achieve global tax minimization.
  • Reducing state and local tax exposure through nexus planning and group restructuring and the negotiation of economic incentive packages for business expansion and relocations.
  • Maximizing federal, state and foreign tax credits and incentives, including the research and development (R&D) credit and work opportunity credits, retraining and entertainment tax credits.

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